About Us


Our team has performed over 2,000 liposuction procedures and comes with decades of experience.


Cosmetic Physician

Dr Ron Goedeke is a cosmetic physician who has been involved in cosmetic medicine since 1997. Liposuction is what Dr Ron specialises in, as the only surgical procedure he performs. He has performed over 2000 liposuction procedures and offers a few different forms of liposuction to suit your situation. Dr Ron also leads the Appearance Medicine and Wellness Centre that offers a range of beauty therapy treatments, as well as running New Zealand premier HCG Diet programme with Nutritionist Kaytee Boyd and directing Biosphere Nutrition.

Practice Manager

Jayne King is our friendly Practice Manager. Jayne has been with the Appearance Medicine and Wellness Centre for 10 years. Jayne is passionate about everything that we do. She is knowledgeable about all of our products and if she doesn’t have the answer she will find it for you. Jayne lives an active lifestyle outside of work and you will never catch her moving slowly!


Geri has been working at the Appearance Medicine Centre for 17 years and has over 27 years experience in liposuction. Geri regularly attends national industry symposiums and her attention to detail always drives her to assist our clients to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome. Her knowledge, passion, and experience in all areas of liposuction is an invaluable asset to our clinic. In addition, Geri also works for Mr. Greg Taylor and enjoys the variety this dual role offers her. Geri also has sound experience in laser hair removal.


Suzanne Irons is a registered nurse who joined our team to assist in liposuction theatre. She aspires to become more knowledgeable in appearance and integrated medicine because of its unique approach to patient care. Being part of a life-changing experience is her calling and to do this provides her with enormous gratification. At the Liposuction Institute she has the unique privilege to indulge in all of the above. Outside of work she enjoys running and exploring with her family.