How Long Does It Take For Skin To Tighten After Liposuction

What To Expect After A Liposuction?

This depends on age, amount of fat removed, area treated and percentage of treated area covered in stretch marks.

A 30 year old woman’s skin is about twice the thickness compared to a 60 year old woman’s skin, hence the skin will retract better.

In a 30 year old skin is very resilient and is able to tighten or retract many centimetres. Often as much as 20 centimetres in the abdominal region.

For example immediately after pregnancy many women’s abdominal skin will retract as much as 20 centimetres. Often there will be no or minimal stretch marks with the first pregnancy. 

The second pregnancy may result in more stretch marks while the third pregnancy will nearly guarantee stretch marks. 

A stretch mark is an area of damaged skin very similar to a scar. Stretch marks themselves will not tighten, only the normal skin between the stretch marks will tighten.

If the lower abdomen has extensive stretch marks for example 50% of the skin is covered in stretch marks this will compromise the tightening of this area.

However it is possible for most women with for example a 5 cm apron (pannus) hanging down from her lower abdomen plus a fat layer which could be 5 cms thick to still get a positive result. The 5cm apron will lift and tighten so it now no longer hangs down. This is possible even with extensive stretch marks and removing at least a 5cm layer of fat which would be reduced to a layer less than 1 cm in thickness.

I have found lower abdominal skin to be able to tighten many centimetres. I have many case studies where there has been a skin tightening of about 15cms.

How long does it take for skin to tighten after liposuction?

For all areas of liposuction there will be immediate tightening as soon as the fat is removed. 

Most tightening occurs within one day. However due to swelling and bruising there is a healing period which needs to occur.

Bruising resolves within 2 weeks.

Swelling takes much longer depending on how much fat is removed.  By 6 weeks 90% of the swelling will have resolved but the final result often takes as long as 6 months.

Any condition which triggers inflammation may make the fat more fibrous. Common examples are patients with lipoedema, autoimmune conditions, metabolic syndrome, athletes, patients with food intolerances.

Post-surgery care tips to speed up the skin tightening process and healing

To heal quicker, the aim is to reduce your inflammation and eat to heal your microbiome. We provide specific dietary advice for our patients and generally recommend reducing processed foods and getting fiberous food consumption up.

Intermittent fasting. Choose a 12 hour period where you don’t eat.  

Aim for 8 hours sleep

For the first 2 days take it very easy. Many tiny walks around the house and garden.

Increase walking till 30 min by day 10 post liposuction.

After 10 days and bruising resolved you may resume normal activities.

Post-surgery care tips to speed up the skin tightening process and healing

A compression garment is worn for 3 days for a chin liposuction and could be worn as long as 6 weeks for a significant abdominal apron. The garment may minimise bruising, swelling and initially support the skin. Often after about 2 weeks the garment would only be worn during the day. The condition of the skin would determine the length it would be worn.

Compression garments work by applying pressure to the treated area, which increases blood flow to the area. This can help speed up the healing process, which can lead to quicker skin tightening after liposuction. Compression garments are typically prescribed to patients who undergo liposuction. Make sure to stay away from garments that are too tight, as this can delay the healing process. Wearing a loose-fitting compression garment during the healing process can help speed up the skin tightening process after liposuction.

Massage and laser treatments

Massage and laser treatments can help speed up the skin tightening process after liposuction. Massage can help break down any scar tissue that has formed around the incision sites. This can help the skin to heal faster, which can lead to quicker skin tightening after liposuction.

Moreover, some liposuction clinics offer laser treatments that can help speed up the healing process. During these treatments, green lasers are used to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. This can help the skin look smoother, while also speeding up the healing process.

We use the Renuvion Laser, which is an FDA approved skin tightening treatment. This laser is used as soon as the liposuction has been completed. A thin laser rod is inserted through the same small incisions and the inner layer of the skin is lasered. This results in immediate skin tightening and improved tightening over the following six months to achieve the final result. 

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