How Soon Can You Exercise After A Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction, like other surgeries, requires a certain amount of recovery time before you can engage in normal activities. While results are instant, it is important to rest while the swelling goes down.

Liposuction recovery largely depends on the type of liposuction performed, the area treated, and the amount of fat removed. Our general method is called tumescent liposuction and is the most commonly used due to its great results. 

A large liposuction such as the 3-dimensional abdomen may result in feeling fatigued for a couple of days and a longer recovery than a small liposuction such as a chin or arm.  Bruising will generally go away within 10 days but the swelling takes around 6 weeks to subside 90%.

We recommend taking it easy for the 10 days following a liposuction and only engaging in gentle activity. The first two days, stay home with minimal movement but from day three, a 15-30 min walk would be fine.

10 days afterwards, there is nothing you cannot do within reason. Gym, running, swimming are all possible but listen to your body and ease back into it slowly.

For larger procedures, a compression garment will be worn for about 6 weeks. This can be taken off for 4 hours of the day but most patients prefer wearing it while they resume exercise during the first 6 weeks.

The recovery time can be extended or shortened, depending on how dedicated you are to healing. Cleaning up your diet and avoiding inflammatory foods will help. Making sure you get enough key nutrients to aid the recovery process is also important and you will be advised on this after a surgery.

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